Luke 2:25-35

The name “Simeon” means “to hear, to obey”. He knew what every believer needs to know today, and that is… Jesus cannot be your Savior unless He is also your Lord, your Ruler, and your Master! There are 4 main points to make about Simeon’s Simple Sermon.

I. It was a sermon about anticipation. – Luke 2:25-29

A. Simeon was “looking, (or waiting) for the ‘consolation’ of Israel.” – Luke 2:25 – The word “consolation” comes from the same root word that is translated as comforter.

B. We ought to have that same spirit of expectation every day, longing for the moment when Christ will come again. – 2 Cor. 5:1-10; Phil. 1:21-26


II. It was a sermon about opposition. – Luke 2:34

A. Christmas splits people into 2 camps. You are either for Him or against Him.

B. Unless you are totally committed to Jesus, then you are by default, in opposition to Him. – Matt. 12:30


III. It was a sermon about devastation. – Luke 2:35

A. Simeon brought a sudden chill upon Mary’s heart with a prediction of the dark clouds of persecution and suffering that would characterize this child’s life.

B. But thank God, the story doesn’t end at the cross!


IV. It was a sermon about salvation. – Luke 2:30-32; Gal. 4:4

A. Simeon announced that the Baby would not only be the consoler of Israel, He would also be the Light to all those who sat in darkness.

B. Jesus wants to touch your life and change it for all eternity.


What is the one thing that would cause your life to be absolutely fulfilled? You can have all the things of the world, but if you don’t have Jesus, you won’t have anything. Or you can have Jesus and none of the things of the world and yet, still have everything.