Psalm 32:1-11

In our text for today, David described his feelings concerning what guilt and shame were doing to him. Maybe you or someone you know is struggling with the guilt and shame that unforgiven sins can bring or even as Christians, we sometimes fail to forgive ourselves and that guilt and shame feeling just won’t go away! Here is the good news: because God is a God of mercy, grace, and forgiveness, we CAN overcome guilt and shame.

I. Guilt and shame come as a result of sin! – Psalm 32:1-2

A. The primary reason for guilt and shame is willful disobedience.

B. Let’s look more closely at the three words David uses to describe his sin in Psalm 32.

1. Transgression or rebellion (verse 1). This word carries with it the connotation of willful disobedience. You know what is right but you do the wrong anyway.

2. Sin (verse 1) – it means “to miss the mark, to deviate from the right path.”

3. Iniquity (verse 2) – it means “deceit.”

II. The negative effects of guilt and shame – Psalm 32:3-4

A. They will destroy our confidence. – Prov. 28:1

B. They will demolish our relationships. – Psalm 32:3-4a

C. They will damage our bodies. – Psalm 32:4b

III. The escape from guilt and shame – Psalm 32:5-10

A. The first step is to agree with God that what we’ve done is wrong and to confess that we have sinned. – Psalm 32:5a; Prov. 28:13

B. The second step is to understand that God WILL forgive and forget! – Psalm 32:5c; Heb. 8:12; Isaiah 43:25; Psalm 103:12

C. When David gave up trying to hide from God, God “hid” David in Himself. – Psalm 32:7-10

Psalm 32:11 tells us the result of overcoming guilt and shame, “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones; and shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.”