Jeremiah 1:1-5

This passage from Jeremiah gives us a very encouraging message! YOU are more important to Him than anything else He created! – see Matt. 6:26 – Here are three points to be reminded of as we discuss the truth that God’s most valuable creation is…YOU!

I. God created you as a PERSON. – Jer. 1:4-5a

A. Before you were ever born, God knew you! – Psalm 139:13-16; 100:3

B. Because God knows me, I am never alone! – Heb. 13:5b-6

C. No person created in the womb of a mother is an “accident”! – Gen. 2:7


II. God has a PATTERN for your life. – Jer. 1:5b

A. God’s pattern for people begins with the fact that we are ALL created in His image! – Gen. 1:26-27

B. Unfortunately, what happened to Adam and Eve eventually happens to us. We sin, lose our relationship with God, and need the “image” restored! – Eph. 4:22-24

C. We are all “spiritual” beings with that spirit being immortal, meaning we will live forever! – 1 John 2:17


III. God has a PURPOSE for your life. – Jer. 1:5c

A. Just like Jeremiah, God has a purpose and plan for YOUR life! – Jer. 29:11

B. You were created for God to do with you as He chooses. – Jer. 18:6

C. To conform to God’s will means that you have to have a spirit of humility. – Is. 66:2b; Phil. 2:3

YOU are, without any doubt, God’s most valuable creation! You were created as a person with a pattern and a purpose for your life! Are you following GOD’S will for your life?