Judges 16:15-30

There’s a very slippery slope that can lead a person from great fame to great shame. Samson took some missteps that moved him from fame to shame. While there are many parts of God’s Word that describe what happens to people, both individually and as a nation, when they mess around with sin, so many stories have a very hopeful and positive ending. And that holds true for Samson. Let’s look at what messing with sin can do, but also what God will do when we repent!

I. SIN WILL WEAR YOU DOWN! – Judges 16:15-17

A. God has always commanded His people to separate themselves from people who didn’t follow God. – 2 Cor. 6:14-17

B. Samson got to the point where he started making decisions based on what he wanted, regardless of what God called for. – Judges 16:15-17


II. SIN WILL ENSLAVE YOU! – Judges 16:18-21

A. Sin tempts us because so often it is appealing to the eye (like Delilah) and offers temporary pleasure. But the practice of sin will enslave us! – James 1:14-15; Judges 16:19

B. When you continually open the door to sin, God will remove His strength from you. – Judges 16:20-21 – Not only does sin capture us but it also blinds us. – Psalm 119:105; John 8:12



A. Though Samson was bound by sin and by chains, he humbled himself and called out to God. – Judges 16:26-30

B. Yes, Samson went from fame to shame to fame! Praise God for His mercy and grace!

What’s interesting about Samson’s story is that in spite of his colossal failure, in spite of his walking away from God in his life, in spite of his sexual immorality; when he repented, God restored his strength. God will do the same for YOU! Do YOU need restored and forgiven?