Goals and Objectives

Starting in 2012, the mission program will be a part of the annual budget. 90% of the
budgeted amount for our mission programs goes to the missions that are selected on
a yearly basis, while the remaining 10% goes into a benevolent fund to help needy
people in the surrounding communities. Each year, the Missions Committee Team,
headed by one of our elders, Bill Harper, meets to discuss potential missions and/or
missionaries to be financially supported in the upcoming year. A vote is then taken to
determine which of the nominated missions will be supported. Any member of the
Meadow View Church of Christ can volunteer to serve on the Missions Committee
Team by either attending the meetings or by seeing Bill Harper.

Missions We Support


is an ARM of the church to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison. A.R.M. began ministering to U.S. prisoners in May of 1973 whenAmerica’s prison population was only 234,000, where it had hovered since the 1940’s. Today A.R.M. ministers to more than 1.2 million people who are incarcerated in America’s 1,500 state and federal prisons, and an additional half-million inmates who occupy our nation’s 3,200 jails. To learn more about A.R.M. and the many services they offer in America and throughout the world, please visit A.R.M.


is lead by long-term missionaries C.Y. and Patricia Kim. They began their mission work in Korea and have expanded into China and Vietnam. In North Korea, C.Y. and Patricia are working diligently at bringing the gospel message to the people there and are aleady being allowed to distribute soy and goat’s milk to thousands of school children. The North Korean government is also allowing C.R.A.M. to construct an orphanage that will be the home for 100 needy children. In China, constuction has been completed on an English Language School and a medical clinic and in Vietnam, a new orphanage has now opened. C.R.A.M. is working diligently to meet the medical, educational, and spiritual needs of both children and adults in Asia. For more information, contact their website at C.R.A.M.

Christian Children’s Home of Ohio

began with vision and faith in 1969. Local Christians saw a need for a home to serve needy children in a family-style setting. They organized the ministry and purchased a 175-acre farm just north of Wooster, Ohio. The old farmhouse was used as a foster home until the first cottage was built in 1975 to serve up to ten young people. Additional cottages and programs have been regularly added and the campus is now home to five large cottages, offices, and a counseling center, called New Beginnings, which also has an office in Canton, Ohio.

In addition to the residential programs at Wooster, CCHO has Foster Care and Adoption Services in Wooster, Cleveland, and Columbus that comprise a network of over 100 foster families. CCHO is licensed as a Child Caring Agency through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. This is the highest level of licensure possible. From its humble beginnings in 1969, ministering to five children, the ministry has grown to include hundreds of children that are served annually. In 1999, steps were taken to start ministering to hurting children and families in countries other than our own. This ministry is named Christian Children’s Home International (CCHI). Presently, there are two ministry locations in the Ukraine. We are pleased to be able to assist in the important work that CCHO provides as they minister in Christ’s name to children of all ages in Ohio and beyond. For more information, please visit Christian Children’s Home of Ohio.

This is one the new missions we began supporting in 2012. On March 21, 1986, Herko Family Mission was officially incorporated (it was actually in the Fall of 1985 that Dennis and Mary Herko began their fund raising efforts to move overseas to Jamaica.) Over the years, Dennis and Mary have worked with 19 churches. They have hosted 96 work teams (and counting), worked with orphanages and public schools, and they have built homes for needy people. The mission statement of Herko Family Mission is: Winning the lost to Christ by planting churches in the larger Jamaican communities where there are no Christian Churches; and providing opportunities for others to be involved in this mission work via short-term mission trips. For more information, contact their web site at Herko Family Mission.


This is also one the new missions we began supporting in 2012. Invest Hope is a non-profit organization being started by Ginny Andrews, sister of J.W. They are focused on providing economic development, increased household incomes, employment generation, and improved standards of living in Haiti through micro-loans, job training, business principle training, and basic biblical teaching. The loans are given to clients interested in starting or improving a business. Clients are selected based on their character, investments, risk tolerance, and willingness to repay. With each loan, Invest Hope provides clients with a basic business knowledge of their desired profession and the drive to operate this business, leaving the client with a sense of responsibility while at the same time providing Christian teaching and education to fulfill spiritual needs. By focusing on both the spiritual and physical needs, this will help to create a more prosperous, capable, and satisfied clientele and population. For more information, contact their web site at Invest Hope.


KYOWVA Evangelistic Association – The association has a Board of Directors which oversees the ministry. The board is comprised of men from various Christian Churches in the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. The new Executive Director is Willie Purdee with Dr. Hoyt W. Allen Jr. still serving with the organization. Since 1950 KYOWVA has been involved in various outreach ministries with Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Some are: Bible correspondence courses, Pulpit Minister Training Scholarships, Church Planting, Christian Seminars and Men’s Quarterly Supper Meetings. They also have Recycling Programs, VBS programs, Slide/ Tape/ VCR Missionary programs and provide articles written by Brother Hoyt.


This is one of the new missions that we began supporting in 2008. Here is an excerpt from their web site that describes the work God has called them to do: “Since October 2005, we have been preparing to serve God through planting new and relevant churches in New Zealand. In November 2007, we moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where we are currently based on the North Shore with Shore Community Christian Church. We are in the process of doing survey work with South Pacific Christian Fellowship to determine the location of a church to be planted by our team in 2009. We’re excited; we’re scared; we can’t wait to see how God uses us for His glory.” For more information, contact their web site at Nate & Whitney Hutchison.


The mission of Ninos De Baja is to glorify God by spreading the gospel of Jesus to the people of Mexico. This is done in four ways: 1) By providing homes and schooling for homeless, abused, and impoverished children in northwestern Mexico. 2) By providing Christian outreach and benevolence to children and families in need through distribution of food, clothing, and necessities, medical assistance education assistance programs, therapy programs, daycare services, and assistance with crisis pregnancies. 3) By providing community outreach evangelism through youth activities, Bible studies, and worship, and 4) By providing mission experience and Christian development opportunities for youth and adults from both theUnited states and Mexico. For more information, contact their website at Ninos de Baja.

Northern Plains Evangelistic Association

Dakota Christian Ministries was established and incorporated as a 501c3 in 1986. This ministry was created as a result of Dakota Bible College closing its doors. Dakota Christian Ministries was created to be a church planting organization for North and South Dakota. In April of 2001, Mike Sojka became only the second director in this ministry history. Mike continues as the director to this day. In 1999, Dakota Christian Ministries changed its name to Northern Plains Evangelistic Association, (NPEA). Along with the name change came a change in the vision of the organization. Instead of limiting itself to planting churches only in the Dakotas, the organization will now assist in planting churches wherever God leads the ministry.

In January of 2001, Wyoming Evangelistic Association merged with Northern Plains Evangelistic Association, expanding NPEA’s territory to include Wyoming along with the Dakotas. The board of directors decided in February of 2004 to adopt Manitoba, Canada as part of NPEA territory, too. Both organizations have planted numerous churches in their individual history. However, the combined organizations first plant, (North Point Christian Church), was in Spearfish, South Dakota, in September of 2004. Since that time, they have also planted churches in Laramie, WY and Bismarck, ND (opening in 2012). NPEA plans to plant their next church, Lord willing, in the fall of 2013 in Sheridan, WY! For more information, contact their web site at NPEA.

Overcomers in India

Overcomers in India is a mission work headed up by native Indian Binoy Thomas and his wife Rebecca. Their goal is to share the pure truth of the gospel to the most populated country in the world. Presently living in Kerala, India, Binoy is not only preaching the Word but is diligently working to translate Bible Study booklets into the various languages of the Indian people.